Minsuh’s learning story

For me, the most important learning was paraphrasing because it makes me think about the article I read again. Now I understand conversations are different from a quick share. A quick share is just sharing their thoughts for a little amount of time, but a conversation is sharing their thoughts and building on others ideas for a lot of time.This skill paraphrasing is useful to me as a learner because I will get to use that skill a lot in my life. When I paraphrase, I get to put an information in my own words.As a next step I will make a podcast about Alexander the Great. And use my skill of paraphrasing to explain about my topic.

One of the reading skills I think I’ve improved in is close reading. First, close reading was really hard and I thought only smart and organized people could do it. But, I started to notice that it wasn’t hard at all! In fact it was kind of a simple version of note taking.

And another skill I have improved in is STEAL. I started to think what the character SAYS and how the character THINKS and how he or she ACTS and what the character LOOKS like. 


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