Science reflection (Jan.19th)

January 19th
Biodiversity–How many kinds of living thing? What is meant by kind? How do scientists decide how to classify living things? Why?

What do you think the function of a fruit is? How do you think these functions are carried out? What do you think a seed is? How do you think a plant makes a fruit and seeds? 

 I think the function of a fruit is to get the seeds and plant them and make more plants.

I think a seed is a birth of another plant.

I think a plant makes fruits and seed by blooming a flower then the petals get peeled off and the seed makes a shield(?) for itself and that is the fruit.
Structure: how it’s put together
Observe the fruits closely (Tomato, Capsicum, Eggplant). What do you notice? What are the various structures of the fruit? What are the parts and how are they arranged and put together?
Bell pepper:

I noticed that there were a lot of seeds and they were really small and they were in between the walls(?)


Most of the seeds were in the middle.


Lot of juice.seeds are in between the wall

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