How Lies Control Us by Minsuh

How Lies Control Us


The Truman Show

Like most other realistic fiction books, So B. It is about the adventure of a 12 year old girl ‘Heidi’ who has a mother with Developmental disability; also calls herself ‘So B. It’.

As she comes to an age, Heidi starts to wonder who her father is, her family, what her mother’s real name was and who SHE is. However, this book talks much more than just an adventure of a girl finding her background.

So B. it might seem like a realistic fiction book about Heidi’s adventure as she tries to discover who she and her mother is, but it actually talks about ‘lies’ and how it controls us.

After discovering the picture of her mother and her grandmother, which she didn’t even know existed, she decides to find the place in the picture to find out if she and her mother had really just dropped from the sky, or if another family member knew about her Mama’s story, her real name. Heidi wants to find out mama’s unknown past so she is headed to Hilltop.

On her way to Hilltop, Heidi meets a woman named Alice and she makes up episodes in her life.

‘My chest swelled with pride. I was discovering something else about lying. When people believe in what you say, you forget you’re not telling the truth.’

Listening to Heidi, Alice already knows that she was just making this up, but doesn’t stop to tell her. She listens until Heidi is done.

‘“Oh” I said, or tried to anyway. My lips could only manage to form around the sad roundness of the word; no sound actually came out of my mouth. Now I understood. She’d known all along that I was lying’

Through these kinds of situations, Heidi discovers new things about lying.

(Heidi’s List of lies)

Things I know about lying

Lying is bad

Lying is wrong

Sometimes people lie because the truth is too bad to admit

Sometimes it’s easy to do

Sometimes if you’re not careful you start to believe in your own lies

Sometimes it makes you feel guilty

Sometimes it doesn’t

People don’t always tell you when they know you’re lying

The book is almost like it is divided up into chapters and Heidi learns a lesson about lying in each one. So B. It isn’t just a realistic non fiction book that talks about a story of a 12 year old girl and her adventure, it also talks about lies and how it controls us and is connected to our society.

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