Science reflection (Jan.19th)

January 19th
Biodiversity–How many kinds of living thing? What is meant by kind? How do scientists decide how to classify living things? Why?

What do you think the function of a fruit is? How do you think these functions are carried out? What do you think a seed is? How do you think a plant makes a fruit and seeds? 

 I think the function of a fruit is to get the seeds and plant them and make more plants.

I think a seed is a birth of another plant.

I think a plant makes fruits and seed by blooming a flower then the petals get peeled off and the seed makes a shield(?) for itself and that is the fruit.
Structure: how it’s put together
Observe the fruits closely (Tomato, Capsicum, Eggplant). What do you notice? What are the various structures of the fruit? What are the parts and how are they arranged and put together?
Bell pepper:

I noticed that there were a lot of seeds and they were really small and they were in between the walls(?)


Most of the seeds were in the middle.


Lot of juice.seeds are in between the wall

Last reflection about Motion

It was a tough unit because I didn’t know exactly what motion actually was. But it was also fun to get to know one by one what it meant by trying different experiments. But if I could start over the experiments, I would write down everything. For example, when we did the rocket project, my partner and I forgot who took the video for us and it took us such a long time to figure out who took it. To stop that from happening again, I think I should write it down.

Reflection on poster

This project was a project where we couldn’t write any words and we had to use only pictures to explain what we did in this experiment.

I showed how the person pumped and then the other person pulled and how that made the rocket fly by using arrows, I also showed which way the rocket flew.

Rocket experiment (motion)

My partner and I made a rocket out of a bottle. Through many fails, we finally finished it. 

We made it with two bottles. One top part and one whole. We cut the top part of the bottle and taped that to the bottom of them other bottle and also added three fins. 

During the experiment, we did 2 trials. The first trial, we put 300ml of water. We tried to get how much seconds the rocket stayed in the air and we got about five seconds. As for the second trial, we tried it without any water in it. Unfortunately we lost data for the second one.

After the experiment, I became curious if we make the rocket a different way, would it still go up in the air.

Self evaluation of tumble buggy presentation

Before I started this experiment, I thought that motion would be really hard. But after, it wasn’t as complicated as I thought. All we did was timing the speed of the car and writing down the results.

The most surprising fact from this experiment was that it was easy and when I was organizing the results and making the graph, When I connected the dots, I realized that it was a straight line.